The Govinda´s restaurant

Devotees have opened three restaurants as far – two Govindas and the Balarama restaurant. The smaller Govinda´s, reminding us of a tea shop, is renowned for it´s family atmosphere and a single couisine. The bigger of the two Govindas (Soukenicka 27) has two floors – a restaurant and the cultural center with an exclusive Indian shop. One can taste dozens of delicatessen of the Indian cuisine in the atmosphere accompanied by the sound of meditative music. In the ground floor, lectures, kirtans, slide projection as well as the vaisnava theatre are organized. The indoor design is made in the style of the traditional wall-painting in the Rajasthan villages.Govinda´s restaurant is very famous and renowned as one of the best restaurants in Prague, especially in the circles of gourmets, actors, sportsmen and other important persons.

Another field of activity pertaining to the restaurant is taking part for example in the most prestigious cultural program in the Czech Republic – the price awarding ceremony called The Czech Lion – the film festival parallel to the American Oscar. The organizer of the festival is a great supporter of vegetarianism and the Hare Krishna movement. That´s why the entire feast running through the festival is purely vegetarian and the main refreshment is supplied by devotees.


Vegetarian Club Govinda
Soukenicka 27
Prague 1, 110 00

Phone:+ 420 603 205 991 (Nila Madhava das)
Open: Mo – Fr, 12:00 – 17:00

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